Sports Day 2024

Friday 14th June, Croscombe School Field at 1:30pm

This is a friendly reminder about Sports Day, which will take place this Friday, June 14th, at the school field.

 Key Details:

Date: Friday, June 14th

Location: School field



The children will walk to the field as a school group.

Parents are asked to meet their children at the field.



At the end of Sports Day, we request that parents collect their children directly from the school field. For those children who are booked into after-school care, they will be escorted back to the school by a member of staff for normal collection.


PTA Refreshments:

The PTA will be selling hot dogs, burgers, and ice creams starting from 3pm. Payments can be made by cash or card.


Year 6 Leavers Race:

For a bit of fun, Year 6 students will participate in a special leavers race. They will need to bring a suitcase with at least 4 items to dress into, such as a hat, a jumper, a feather boa, and a pair of gloves. This promises to be an entertaining and enjoyable event for everyone involved.


Thank you for your cooperation and support. We look forward to seeing you all there and sharing a fun-filled afternoon!


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