Lola's Haiku Poem

Lola has entered a Poetry competition - vote for her entry on Facebook!

Lola Baker has written a fantastic Haiku poem for a Poetry competition on Facebook with the chance to win a riding lesson with Pippa Funnell MBE.

With lockdown in place Lola isn't able to ride at the moment and she is missing her riding so much. The finalist are based on the number of likes each entry gets so every vote counts!

To vote for Lola's excellent poem please go to click here.

Lola's Haiku Poem

I love horse cuddles

A moment to feel carefree

Warm, furry and soft

Do you own or loan?

Either means you are lucky,

Friend, loving and free.

All feet off the ground,

Jumps, crosscountry or dressage,

A straight or a cross.

Maintenance needed,

Hay nets and water buckets,

Horses need all that.

Flying over jumps.

Exhilarated and free,

No place I'd rather be.


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